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Roti is one of the staples of the East Indian diet in Trinidad & Tobago. There are four kinds; one with a filling of split peas called Dhalpouri Roti; one without filling, a single bake, hand shredded, called Paratha or "Bus up Shut" (Trini for what it looks like on the plate - 'a busted up shirt'); Sada Roti - very much like pita bread; and Dosti Roti.

This is said to be the easiest kind of Roti to make. Many East Indians in T&T will eat this for breakfast or dinner. It is also called 'two in one' Roti. Roti is eaten always with curry - meat, vegetable or fish.

Roti was T&T's first fast food product and Roti Shops were popular long before the KFC's and McDonald's were around. For some reason, it never took off on the international scene, although there are a few located in some Trini niche areas on North America and England.

We like to think that, like calypso and soca, its time has not yet come.

Roti is one of T&T's national dishes and is eaten and loved by every true Trini.



1 3/4 lbs White Flour
4 oz White Flour (for dusting)
4 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Vegetable Oil
Approx. 5/8 pt Water
Vegetable Oil for basting Roti
A pinch of Salt