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Doubles is a "breakfast time" favourite in T&T. Throughout the country, on every busy street, 'Doubles Vendors' do a brisk trade in this delicious mini food item, from as early as 4:30 am in some places. By 10:00 am, they have sold out and returned home.

It is called 'doubles' because it comprises two light mini bakes between which the vendor puts a few spoonfuls of the filling. The meal is not complete without a dash of pepper sauce and a mango chutney.

Generally, it is not an item that is made at home. It is bought on the street and eaten in offices, factories or right there on the roadside.

Ingredients for the bake:


Ingredients for the filling:


If not thick enough, use mashed potato to thicken

Remember when serving it to have pepper sauce and chutney at hand