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Our company was founded in 1973 in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago when the offshore oil industry had just begun to flourish. The Amoco (Trinidad) Oil Company was pioneering offshore exploration off the East coast of Trinidad and were creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs.  These were exciting times,oil was king and countries with this resource were on the verge of reaping untold wealth.Although established in '73, our first contract was not won until '74 with  McDermott Inc., on one of their huge construction barges. After that, the company made a good impression with high quality food supplies and a well trained staff of cooks, bakers and galley personnel and was able to win many more contracts over the years with several well established American drilling contractors like Sedco Inc., Zapata Inc., Dolphin Titan Inc., Amoshore Inc., and others who were exploring the offshore coast for Amoco. As local drilling companies came into their own, we also worked for Skinner Marine Operations Ltd., Well Services Ltd., and Pool Santana Ltd. The National Gas Co., of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd., was established in the late '70s to be the vehicle for buying and distributing all natural gas coming from the new offshore fields. When they built their two offshore gas platforms, the Teak and Poui in 1981, for the purpose of taking excess gas from the Amoco fields, compressing it and re-selling it to them, our company won the catering contract  and has been doing it since then.

Climbing a rig

We have worked for Amoco here in Trinidad since 1976, first on their production platforms offshore and later, on-land at their Canteen at Galeota Point since 1978  and their Staff Complex at Mayaro from 1985 until 1998. Today, the company owns its own warehouse and offices at 25-27 McDonald Street in Port of Spain from where we centralize all purchasing and distribution. >For the uninitiated, offshore catering is done on each individual platform, using state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and facilities where a hot meal is served every six hours, including breakfast. There is a choice of two entrees at each meal and at least four for breakfast. Snacks and drinks (no alcohol) are available 24 hours a day. Fresh bread and pastries are available 'round the clock'. Because food is so readily available and the fact that off shore workers spend at least one week on board, with little to do in their spare time, a 160 pound person becomes a 190 pound person in a short space of time, bearing in mind that offshore cooks and bakers are among the best in the world. Food offshore is tempting and tasty. It is almost like being on a cruise ship. Needless to say, in a few years, health problems begin to surface. In recognition of this our cooks and bakers now have to go back to school to learn the new methods of 'cooking for a healthier lifestyle'. The John S. Donaldson Technical Institute here in Port of Spain, has developed a refresher programme in conjunction with our Dietary Consultant to take care of this.