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Directors: Derek I. Johnson, Leslie J. Jennings, Dean G. Johnson

Tobago, Pigeon Point

The main objective of the company was always the export of food products to other parts of the world. Founded in 1975, we began selling fruit and vegetables to ethnic markets in New York and Toronto. This continued for several years, until we saw a demand for seafood products and added fish and shrimp to our line of exports which eventually expanded into a full range of seafood products. These items eventually superseded everything else and have been our focus for the last ten years. During this time, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with numerous species of seafood and a host of international customers. We produce items for both the retail and food service industries - Frozen, Vacuum Packed, IQF or Fresh on Ice. Our freezer warehouse can accommodate over 200 metric tons of product, supported by a stand-by emergency generator. We are equipped with 440 Volt plug-in facilities for reefer containers. Exports Etcetera Ltd is involved in distributing local and Caribbean food items throughout T&T to both retail and food service customers.
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