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Society influences what people eat and to this extent, our menus and recipes reflect that influence. On the platforms where we operate, almost all personnel are Trinidadian, so quite naturally our menus are very Caribbean and more  so very Trinidadian.

For example, we have to cater for:

Christians who generally eat almost anything, though some may be vegetarians and some will refrain from eating meat on Fridays in Lent, but more often than not Christians, who represent well over 50% of the population in T&T, are meat eaters.

Hindus who eat very little meat; strict Hindus are vegetarians, and none eat beef, as the cow is sacred to them.

Moslems who eat no pork and who only eat meat that has been prepared according to Moslem custom by a halal butcher; whether it is poultry, lamb or beef, all are subject to this condition and, as a caterer, we comply.

There is no Jewish population here to speak of, so Kosher meals are not a requirement.

In addition, we have to look out for those on special diets, particularly Diabetics. As time goes on, we are seeing quite a few offshore workers being diagnosed with diabetes. As a result, our company is addressing this situation by having all our cooks participate in a special culinary course being organized by the John S. Donald Technical Institute, designed to educate them in cooking for a healthier life style, preparing menus for Diabetics and an introduction to 'Nouveau Cuisine'.

this tomato was found by the kitchen staffThis tomato grew in the shape of "Tomato Ducky "


Curries, traditionally fundamental to the Indian population both Hindu and Moslem, have, over the course of years, become just as popular with the larger Trinidadian population. In particular, Roti (pronounced as if it was spelt 'Roe Tea'), a pita bread like pastry, served with hot curries and all types of meat (with the exception of pork) which is recognized as a national dish. A visitor to T&T cannot leave without sampling a Hot Roti. So naturally, this is a favourite offshore.
Universally, people love Chinese food. Some form of Chinese food is on the menu at least once a week. A hot meal is served every 6 hours, beginning with Breakfast. Two entrées are offered with each meal.
Baking is indigenous. Pastry and fruit are available 24 hours a day, so a baker's job is challenging. He has ample opportunity to 'explatiate' (show off).

Sample Offshore menus:


Buffet style

Scambled Eggs
Fresh Bread - Whole Wheat and White
Coconut Bake
Smoked Herring
Tomato Choka


Cream of Mushroom Soup
Pot Roast of Beef
Oven Fried Chicken
Garnished Rice
Red Kidney Beans
Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes
Fresh Salad
Dessert: Jam Tarts


Mulligatawny Soup
Barbequed Pork Chops
Steamed Red Snapper
Saffron Rice
Carrots and Green Peas
Steamed Plantain
Fresh Salad
Dessert : Coconut Layer Cake
Midnight Meal

Minestrone Soup
Lasagene/Garlic Bread
Chicken Parmesan
Rice Pilaf
Stewed Pinto Beans
Fresh Salad
Dessert : Baked Custard